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Processed Leonardite is dried and screened. Drying is done by several means; our preferred heat source, however, is solar. Leonardite Products dries as much Leonardite as possible in the sun and then stores it in a dedicated storage building located on the plant grounds.

Drying is also done in a drum mixer with a parallel flow design, retrofitted especially for Leonardite Products. Our ten million BTU burner is fueled by natural gas and regulated to an average of 168°F (75°C) so as not to harm the effective micro-organisms which provide the benefits of Leonardite.

Screening is accomplished with three decks of vibrating stainless steel screens. Crushing is done in a 24x24-inch double rotor primary crusher with 1/4-inch grates. The only emissions from the plant are water and Leonardite dust, which are non-hazardous.

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