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Our Source line of humates are rich in humic and fulvic acids. As a fertilizer additive, leonardite improves a crop’s ability to absorb nutrients, resulting in faster growth, healthier plants and higher yields.

Commonly used as a soil amendment, humates add organic matter to marginal soils improving texture, moisture holding capacity and pH stability.

Turf and landscapes benefit from the use of leonardite for the same reasons mentioned above.

Leonardite is used for soil remediation and reclamation with great success. Sodic and calcareous soils benefit greatly from the organic matter humates add to soil. Bacteria occur naturally in Leonardite, lending to a quicker recovery of once-contaminated soils.

The Source line of dry products from Leonardite Products qualify for Organic Certification.

HPTA Label Claims consistent with The Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO)

A Guide for Remediation of Salt/Hydrocarbon Impacted Soil

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