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Our Leonardite Products contain among the highest levels of humic acid available. The dry product line, Source is available in three grades. Dry products are sold in 45- 50 pound bags and metric or US ton bags. Source Coarse is available in bulk.

Product Size Moisture
Source Coarse 1/4" to 11 mesh plus 25-33%
Source 11 99% passes through 11 mesh 21-29%
Source Fines 62% passes 270 Mesh 4-9%

Product Packaging
Source Coarse US or MT bag 50 50lb bags on a pallet
Source 11 US or MT bag 50 50lb bags on a pallet
Source Fines Two 1/2 MT bags 50 45lb bags on a pallet

Truckload quantities: 22 US tons or 20 Metric tonnes. Bulk Trucks hold 25-28 US tons.

20 Metric tonnes fit in a 40 foot container.

The liquid products, Humi-Source Plus™ and Source-Ful™ are available in 2.5, 55 and 275 gallon containers. Humi-Source Plus is a concentrated soluble humic solution available for wholesale; it is prepared with manufacturers and blenders in mind. The ratio for a retail blend is 45.77% Humi-Source Plus™ to 54.33% water. Source-Ful™ is a fulvic acid extract used mostly as a foliar application.

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The Source North Dakota Leonardite
Source Ful - Liquid Fulvic Acid
Humi Source Plus - Soluble Humic Acid HPTA Member - Humic Products Trade Association